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Jerseys Cheap NFL popularly called ‘Nurse Crandon’ in Berbice

“You take this job to help suffering humanity and you have to do it with conviction. Today, you can see there are good nurses, but things are so different—some are not so disciplined. Put yourself in the patient’s shoe…imagine what they’re going through… and you will be well on your way to becoming a good nurse.”By Leon SuseranAdministering to the sick isn’t an easy job; not everyone is ‘cut out’ for such a task. Numerous nurses have graced Guyana’s health system, but it is the good ones who really make a difference; who provide pleasant memories over the years, and who can look back and honestly tell themselves that they have done what was required of them.Jeanette CrandonJeanette Crandon, popularly called ‘Nurse Crandon’ in Berbice, is one of those persons whose story is as simple as it gets: she left teaching after three years to pursue her real love in life—nursing. But she was dealt a severe blow at the tender age of 6 when her mother passed away, leaving her eldest brother, George Balram, to shoulder the responsibility for the rest of the 10 siblings.  Sadly, too, her father passed away some time later.“My brother filled that gap and was very loving and caring…and he always emphasized that we must have education, because he came out of school just to take care of us”.Alness, a predominantly farming area, once owned by the Dutch, produced a number of outstanding Berbicians including the Crawfords as well as politician Paul Tennessee. Jeanette recalled during childhood days some fond memories including doing household chores and having to cook very early. She remembered fishing as well with friends in the village.Young Jeanette attended the St. Marks Anglican (All-Age) School where she wrote the College of Preceptors (CP) as well as General Certificate of Education (GCE) Exams. Afterwards, she began teaching in 1965 at that same school.“I did not like much teaching, so I applied to do nursing and those were the times when you had to wait a good time—many names on the waiting list—and then you were given employment”, she recalled.Additionally, those were the days when the Ministry of Health sent persons into the applicant’s community to do background checks, and Crandon remembered Senior [Nursing] Tutor, Mr. Samaroo, in her community asking the neighbours questions about her and inquiring about her behaviour, etc.She commenced studies in earnest on February 1, 1971, as a student nurse at the old New Amsterdam Hospital.LIFE AS A NURSEShe graduated in 1974 as a Registered Nurse after which she worked at a number of health facilities including Skeldon, Mibicuri, Port Mourant, New Amsterdam (N/A) and the National Psychiatric Hospital (NPH), as well as centres at Black Bush and Bush Lot.“It was kind of hard being away from home for long periods, since I was stationed way from home, but I did visit home during my off-duty and holiday periods.”Nurse Crandon receiving blood pressure apparatus from a donor at the Skeldon Hospital in 1987.In 1986,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Jeanette was promoted to Ward Sister at the N/A Hospital. She held other posts such as Acting Junior Departmental Sister (JDS) as well as Acting Senior Departmental Sister (SDS), Matron 1 and Acting Matron at the NPH. She retired as a Ward Sister in 2003.But Nurse Crandon’s longest stint—20 years to be exact—was working in the Operating Theatre at the New Amsterdam Hospital.She noted how she was the closest assistant to the doctors in that operation room and demonstrated her best skills as a nurse in that location.“You are there and are able to correct them sometimes when they make mistakes… because remember they are under tension and they feel good and they compliment you.”Nurse Crandon recalled one day when she was forced to remind a doctor,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who had apparently forgotten, to suture a patient.“I told him and I held on to what I said and eventually when he opened back [the wound] he found that he hadn’t done it. In the theatre, you have to be very, very observant and be honest to yourself—honesty is the best policy. As a nurse, you have to be confidential. And when you meet a person for the first time, the way you greet them, would make their life well,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, because they will build trust not only in you, but in other nurses.”“When you take care of someone—you feed them and give them all the basic human needs, and they are back on their feet—that makes you feel good, and feel so happy that you can jump for joy, not like now, that people go to the hospital and nobody cares for them.”Nurse Crandon remembered herself, as well as other nurses, being closely monitored by their superiors and corrected on the spot if mistakes were made, unlike what she claims obtains today.“And you feel good, because it’s a learning process, but now you find that they [the nurses] lack this supervision. So I think that’s the reason why nurses behave in that way…when a nurse is wrong, they must accept it and correct it and move on from there.”“In those days, there were good doctor-nurse relationships and I shared very close relationships and friendships with my doctors. This brought out the best in me as a budding nurse.”She also vividly recounted breaking a thermometer she was using one day and quickly replacing same after purchasing it from Ganpatsingh’s Drug Store in New Amsterdam.“Once nurses broke something back then, they had to replace it or pay for it. Those things taught us to be responsible…you take care of things.”Nurse Crandon said she loved feeding patients, even those who would complain to the doctors that the nurses were feeding them too much.With Operating Theatre Staff of the N/A Hospital in front of Dr. Narinedatt Sooknanand’s residence in 1985. Nurse Crandon is fourth from left (partly hidden in background)“And those were psychiatric patients. We used to make sure the emphasis was on nutrition and care to make patients feel well so they could go away and resume their normal life.”She received an award at the NPH in 2002 as Best Psychiatric Nurse.DIFFERENT FROM NOW“Nursing back then is different from now. There was the discipline as well as the dedication. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of dedicated nurses today, but I do believe that they be more enthusiastic to update their knowledge.And they need to be focused on what they are doing,” Nurse Crandon asserted.“You take this job to help suffering humanity and you have to do it with conviction. Today, you can see there are good nurses,NFL Jerseys China, but things are so different—some are not so disciplined. Put yourself in the patient’s shoe…imagine what they’re going through… and you will be well on your way to becoming a good nurse.”POST-NURSING YEARSNurse Crandon’s ‘specialness’ did not end with her days of nursing. The contributions continue very much into present-day. After retirement in 2003, she responded to a newspaper advertisement for Counselor/HIV Tester in the Ministry of Health under the Global Fund, and was employed under that portfolio in Berbice.Today, she is engaged in counseling young mothers infected with HIV, and educates them on how to prevent mother-to-child infections as well as how to live healthy fulfilling lives with the disease. She was also trained as a tester.“It’s a nice job. Being a counselor,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, you are able to understand people so much better. When they come for counseling, they come with a lot of baggage, so you have to do a lot of probing to get things out of them and then they start to trust you and collect your number – especially those exposed mothers… they need you most of all.”Nurse Crandon as Secretary of the Breastfeeding Committee (second right),Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, with other nurses and a mother in 2000.Nurse Crandon regularly visits numerous communities across Berbice including Angoy’s Avenue and along the Corentyne. She still works at various health centres including Whim, Fyrish, Bohemia, Providence, New Amsterdam and Port Mourant.With this ‘second’ job as she calls it, one has the prerogative to “use more initiatives” to help people. Her clients assess her before they open up their hearts and minds to her.Nurse Crandon is just as passionate about her current undertaking in the health field. And she does not regret bypassing the education of young minds (as a teacher) for nurturing people’s health.“I was only going [into teaching] because I had to find something to do, but when I got through with nursing, it was the happiest time of my life.”She is also called upon frequently to deliver talks to school children and churches as she loves to share the knowledge she has gained through the years, “and it helps me because I am well–equipped with new technology.”Nurse Crandon enjoys sewing as well as socializing during her free time. “Sometimes you will have strenuous problems at work with your clients, and it will tell on you… you might go to bed with it, so in the afternoon I go out and take a little walk and visit somebody and you are able to remove some of your burden.”As a member of the Cancer Society, she also hosts related educational talks. She was recently recognized as ‘Woman of the Year’ by the New Amsterdam Seventh- day Adventist Church.At work as Acting Junior Department Sister at the N/A Hospital in 1993.