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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other key stakeholders have endorsed the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Social Development and Crime Prevention Action Plan as one which has the capacity – when implemented – to bring social stability to the Caribbean region.At a sub-regional meeting of regional and international stakeholders who are in Guyana to develop an implementation model for the first phase of the plan, Ms Chisa Mikami, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP, Guyana noted that her organization was fully committed to supporting the pilot project on youth gangs and gang violence.The CARICOM Social Development and Crime Prevention Action Plan was developed jointly with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to “prevent and reduce levels of violence and crime in Member States, through a cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach…” The plan is grounded on five pillars – reduce violence; foster social inclusion; promote integration; empower victims; and protect the environment and economic resources – which are linked to the regional development agenda.The first component which focuses on youth gangs and gang violence is being fine-tuned to be piloted among four CARICOM Member States – Belize , Guyana ,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, St Kitts and Nevis and Trinidad and Tobago .This project aims to strengthen the capacity of youth and community members to design and implement programmes to address gang formation, gang violence among and against youths.It will also serve to increase knowledge and strengthen the capabilities of at risk youths to deal with social challenges and to navigate successfully,NFL Jerseys Supply, the transition to adulthood.In addition, the project aims to increase livelihood opportunities and employability for economically and socially marginalized youth.The UNDP has thrown its full weight of support behind this project and has articulated three reasons for doing so. Ms Mikami explained that UNDP’s interest in the project was prompted by the fact that it had adopted a regional approach to crime prevention. This approach, she noted, was not only signaling the Community’s recognition that several problems cut across national boundaries but that a regional approach would improve learning and sharing.She explained that the project had their full backing because it also focused on young people who were critical to ensuring a sustainable skilled workforce for development goals.That the plan had a direct link with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was also a positive for UNDP. Ms Mikami stated that the project fitted into the overall programme focus of the regional programme for Latin America and the Caribbean and that it also responded to the Region’s development challenges in the key areas of poverty inequality,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, democratic governance,Cheap Jerseys From China, environment and sustainable development.The Government of Canada, represented by High Commissioner David Devine, who is also Ambassador to CARICOM, also endorsed the Action Plan which he stated could contribute significantly to reducing the overall crime in the “countries of the Region.”He expressed the hope that the impact of the meeting would be felt throughout the Region and reiterated his government’s commitment to working with the Region in eradicating societal ills.The Government of Guyana through the ministries of Youth Culture and Sport and Home Affairs also added their blessings to the Action Plan.Mr Carl Brandon, Director of Youth in the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport affirmed his Ministry’s commitment to putting the necessary measures in place to address the issue of youth gangs and gang violence.He averred that it was important to ensure a creation of a democratic,Jerseys China Wholesale, stable and peaceful environment a Community “in which the human rights of our youth are fully realized and in which they can accept full responsibilities,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, thus contributing not only to their own development but the development of the Community which should spin off to the international level.”His sentiments were also supported by Mr Floyd McDonald who represented Guyana ’s Ministry of Home Affairs.The meeting which opened on Tuesday, will end tomorrow with presentations, discussions and sharing of best practices geared toward developing tools and protocols to implement the youth gangs and gang violence component of the social development and crime prevention action plan at the community level.

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