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The drunken pedestrian who was killed in a motorcycle accident Sunday night at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, has been identified as Ivan James Richards of Kitty, Georgetown.DEAD: Frank De Florimonte Jr.His lifeless body was discovered face down at the side of the road.Based on reports, an intoxicated Richards was attempting to cross over to the northern carriageway of the road when he was struck down by motorcyclist,Wholesale Jerseys China, Frank De Florimonte Jr.,NFL Jerseys Clearance, who was also killed.De Florimonte, 25,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, of Prince William Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara sustained severe injuries to his head. His body was pitched some distance from the point of impact and ended up in the middle of the road in the vicinity of Yokohama Trading.According to reports,China NFL Jerseys, De Florimonte left home and was heading to the seawall on motorcycle CH 7805,Cheap NFL Jerseys, with a group of other bikers when the accident occurred. He was proceeding west along the southern carriageway of the East Coast thoroughfare at a fast rate when he slammed into the pedestrian.One of the bikers said they had left De Florimonte’s home and were riding to the seawall. He related that the other bikers sensed something was amiss when they arrived at the seawall and De Florimonte failed to show up. The biker said they rode back and discovered De Florimonte’s body lying in a pool of blood on the road.De Florimonte’s father, Frank, said he spoke with his son hours before he met his demise. He said that someone came to his home and broke the devastating news to him.

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