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– public assistance requiredA relaxed-looking Akila in the arms of her mother, Patricia SpringerAlthough she has a personality which could brighten the day of the most disgruntled person, two-year-old Akila Smith may not be able to continue her cheerful ways unless she undergoes crucial surgery to fix her little heart.According to Akila’s mother,Wholesale Jerseys China, Patricia Springer, of Lot 5 Riverview, Ruimveldt,Cheap Jerseys USA, when her daughter was born two years ago at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) doctors had discovered that she had a hole in her heart.However, Springer noted that the doctors had urged her not to lose hope since there was a possibility that the defect could disappear within a year’s time.But as the child grew,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, Springer recounted that it was discovered that she had far less stamina than a regular child when it came to playing.She related that the child,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, although she would evidently be desperate to have fun, would become breathless and in some instances her skin became bluish in colour.Springer said that she continued to take Akila regularly to visit a doctor at the GPHC but it was during her most recent visit last Friday she was informed that the right side of the child’s heart was swelling, thus making surgery imperative to fix the problem.The doctor, in offering his expert opinion, said that if the surgery is not conducted with some degree of urgency there is the likelihood that Akila could die, the woman relayed.As a result, Akila was referred to the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI), which is situated in the GPHC compound, where she was further examined by experts there.In a letter to the child’s mother, the CHI related that it is only able to offer limited services in paediatric cardiology and interventions.The letter pointed out that while there are a number of diagnoses which could be undertaken at the CHI, they are only conducted on children that are 12 years and older, ruling out the possibility of rendering any assistance to Akila.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, according to the correspondence, there is a possibility that within the next 18 months CHI will be able to handle more complex cases for a younger age group.As a result, Springer said that the child’s case was referred to the Ministry of Health with a view of securing financial assistance to have the operation done abroad.The woman said that the Ministry sought to locate a facility in Trinidad and Tobago to have the operation be conducted but found it to be an impossible task.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Springer said that she was later informed that the surgery could be done in India but noted that the Ministry does not offer assistance for operations there.In a worried frenzy Springer opted to visit Kids First Fund where she was advised by Ms Varshnie Singh to raise as much funds as she could towards the operation which would be complemented by the entity.Once the requisite sum of US$4,600 is acquired, Springer said that she along with Akila in the company of Ms Singh will travel to India to have the operation done.Those desirous of rendering assistance to Akila could contact members of her family on telephone numbers 684-7131, 684-7702 or 686-6342 or deposit monetary assistance to account number 207-343-5 at Republic Bank.

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