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…siblings hospitalisedPolice are investigating the sudden illness and subsequent death of six-year-old Locaber Primary School student, Devi Mangal, and the hospitalisation of her two brothers Ajay Mangal, 9, and Deviskar Mangal, 7.The child died on Wednesday upon arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Her siblings are now patients at the same institution.The children’s mother, Lilamattie Ramdeen, called ‘Chiney girl’  of 10 Locaber, West Canje, Berbice, and her one-year-old baby, Lisa Edwards, were also hospitalized. They have since been discharged.Ramdeen and the children live with her husband, Carl Edwards.Ramdeen’s three older children are from a previous relationship.Speaking with Kaieteur News,NFL Jerseys China, the woman said that the children were not ill and her daughter’s death and the other children’s sickness remain a mystery to her.The woman said that on Easter Monday the children were all well and flew their kites at the Locaber playfield.On Tuesday she,Cheap NFL Jerseys, her daughter, Devi, her baby and husband Carl Edwards went to Chesney to enquire about the water supply from Guywa.The woman said that she bought a drink and shared it with the baby and her daughter. Later in the day she bought two red rolls (salaras) and two pine tarts from a roadside vendor in front of the market.She said that around the same time her daughter started to complain of feeling unwell and she gave her some Panadol Syrup. The time was around 19:30 hours.She said that she gave her some green tea and a pine tart.The woman recounted that around 01:30 hrs on Wednesday her daughter started to vomit and to complain of feeling pain about her body. Some five hours later, about 6:30 hrs, the situation worsened. The girl started to vomit more frequently and was apparently in severe pain.Ramdeen said that she gave her daughter some water to drink and rushed her to the hospital, along with her one-year-old child.At the hospital she had to wait on the arrival of a doctor,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Online, who, when one eventually arrived around 08:30 hours, examined her daughter and pronounced dead. A cause of death has not yet been determined.The woman said at the hospital that she and baby were admitted and were receiving saline.She also told this publication that her neighbour’s yard was sprayed a few days before. She cannot say if the chemical may have affected them.Her mother, Chandwattie Singh called ‘Indra’,Air Max Zero Sale, 46, of No. Two Village, said that she was at home when she received a phone call that the baby had died.Her husband,Nike Air Max 98 Gundam For Sale, Seepaul Ramlochan, immediately made enquiries and was told that it was Devi, the six-year-old, who had died and that Singh’s daughter and the baby were receiving saline. She said that she immediately rushed to the hospital.Singh’s two grandsons were at home, so she and Ramlochan subsequently went to collect them. At the hospital, both boys exhibited signs of illness and have been admitted.They were being treated for vomiting and diarrhoea and are also receiving saline.Ramlochan said that the older brother, nine-year-old Ajay seems to be more affected and his face appears to be swollen.Hospital CEO, Leslie Cadogan, told this newspaper that the children are being monitored round the clock and the hospital is doing everything to ensure their full recovery. He said that if their condition should warrant further intervention,NHL Jerseys Authentic, they will be referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.The mother and stepfather were arrested and up to late yesterday afternoon they were still at the police station as investigations continued.

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