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作者: yueyrt16w7    時間: 2018-2-13 20:20     標題: Cheap Arizona Coyotes Hoodies Change

Guyana deserves a peaceful, orderly and smooth transition to a new government. Such a transition is the balm that is needed after the bruising and fiercely contested elections campaigns of the past two months. As we now know, the elections have resulted in an extremely narrow victory for the APNU+AFC coalition which will now form the new government. We offer our congratulations to APNU+AFC.All Guyanese should be proud of the manner in which our general and regional elections were held. International observer missions have described them as free, fair and credible. Guyanese have demonstrated exemplary discipline and patience in the hours and days following the elections,Wholesale Jerseys From China, as they awaited the results.The events in Sophia on Election Day,Wholesale China Jerseys, however, represented a dark and unwelcome blot on what was otherwise peaceful elections. This newspaper has roundly condemned the senseless violence in Sophia which was caused by a misleading rumour that lacked all credibility.We empathize with those who suffered losses and damages as a result of the violence on election night in Sophia. We trust that one of the first acts of the new government would be to give effect to its pledge to national reconciliation. A fitting way to commence this process would be to bring relief and comfort to those who suffered on that evening and to assure them of the winning coalition’s rejection of violence.We commend the APNU+AFC coalition for urging calm at this time. But we trust that they would use this important period of reconciliation to also denounce those who are threatening innocent Guyanese.Since the close of the polls,NFL Jerseys Cheap, we have received a few reports of threats being made to persons who live in opposition strongholds and who are believed to be supporters of the PPPC. They have been threatened with retribution. This is not supposed to happen and should not happen.Every individual has a right to his or her political views and to belong to a party of his or her choice. A smooth democratic transition requires that this right be respected and persons be allowed to carry out their political activities and indeed their daily activities free from molestation, fear and intimidation. This is a time for healing this nation, not settling personal scores.The supporters of the new government deserve to celebrate their victory. But we urge against political triumphalism. Instead we urge peace,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, unity and reconciliation as we go forward into a new dispensation. Without these ingredients,Jerseys From China, Change,Cheap Jerseys From China, would be meaningless!

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