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作者: yueyrt16w7    時間: 2017-11-14 14:48     標題: NFL Jerseys China one of them foot even break

A group of five men posing as seamen attacked over 35 fishermen in the Corentyne River,China Jerseys, in the vicinity of Caronie and Nickerie some time between 02:00 hrs and 03:00 hrs yesterday. This was the 15th attack in the past month.According to Chairman of the Berbice Fishermen’s Co-operative Society,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Indarpersaud Rampersaud, six boats from the Berbice Society and two from the Rosignol Fishermen’s Co-operative Society were hijacked on the Suriname side of the Corentyne River in an area called ‘Shell’, during the wee hours of the morning.The attackers carted off all of the day’s catch as well as fish glue. They also escaped with the engine leads from several of the boat engines.After the brutal attack, some of the victims immediately sought assistance from the Guyana side of the Corentyne.They had to use their river skills to improvise and construct makeshift engine leads to operate one of the boats in order to travel for help.Suriname police patrol, he said, usually patrol the river during various periods in the evening but it seemed as if the attackers had timed the patrols and launched their brutal attack on the fishermen while it was out of sight.Each of the boats that attracted the attackers carried five persons, Rampersaud said.He noted that the Surinamese police do not have much information on the matter but the Guyana police have been informed.According to the Chairman,Wholesale China Jerseys, some of the men were badly beaten with huge pieces of wood and cutlasses by the five attackers. “They were taken to hospital,Cheap Jerseys China, [they] were beaten badly; one of them foot even break,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,” he noted.Rampersaud could not say if the boatmen had cell phones with them,Jerseys NBA Cheap China, but doubted if these phones might have worked in that corner of the Corentyne River on the Suriname side where the incident occurred.Piracy on the Corentyne River has been rampant over the past couple of months. Several fisher folks have been attacked.“This thing is terrible but what we can do? The whole industry is going down; this will impact the fisher folks and the business because the workmen are willing but their families are afraid to let their sons and husbands to go out there,” Rampersaud posited.“We have to think about what we can do to help this problem. We have to sit down and think with the higher authority to see a solution,” he told this publication.An emergency meeting is planned for today at the Number 66 Fishport Complex on the Corentyne to address this latest attack.

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