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“ This is further evidence of their ostrich-like behaviour. “Leader of the PNCR Robert Corbin speaking at the press briefing at Congress Place Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Robert Corbin yesterday responded to the comments made by General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Donald Ramotar as it relates to the administration’s role in the embattled village of Buxton and the recent visit by Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo.Ramotar in a statement to the media had said that the PPP has done more for the village of Buxton than the PNCR ever did during its 28 years in office.The PPP General Secretary reiterated that ever since the PPP/C took office, Buxton experienced many gains in terms of its infrastructure.Corbin, in response to Ramotar’s utterances, said that it must not be forgotten that Buxton was once an industrialized village and was thriving with factories and farms, adding that the people of that village will not be fooled by the administration.The PNCR leader said that his party rejects the attempts to rewrite history in the hope that the Administration would be absolved from their dismal record of discrimination, marginalization and criminalization of Buxton as well as other communities and their citizens over the past years.Corbin told media operatives at an emergency press briefing that for the PPP/C, after 18 years in Government, to seek to measure their performance by what they alleged the PNC has done, “is further evidence of their ostrich-like behaviour rather than a visionary approach to the development of all the people of Guyana.”He stressed that “no amount of meandering or Government propaganda will fool the people of Buxton and right-thinking Guyanese” who witnessed what he called the reign of terror unleashed on the nation by the PPP/C Government, and “more specifically the Jagdeo regime in association with Roger Khan.”Corbin stated that Ramotar and the PPP should first come clean on the murder of Shaka Blair, Ronald Waddell and the hundreds of Guyanese youths who became victims of the “phantom squad” headed by self-confessed drug kingpin, Shaheed Roger Khan,Cheap Jerseys, and “….Ramotar would also have to explain why President Jagdeo resisted all the calls from the PNCR and the Joint Opposition Political Parties for an independent investigation or Inquiry into the criminal violence on the East Coast of Demerara since the infamous jail break.”Corbin said that the beneficiary of the crime spree from the 2002 jailbreak until the incarceration of Khan, “has been none other than Khan himself and the PPP/C, who used the opportunity for political mileage rather than guarantee the security of Guyanese citizens.”He added emphatically that the narco-militaristic operations, narco-connection, narco-benefits and beneficiaries, as well as the fallout, have a common political link that was firmly established in a United States court. “No PPP/C propaganda can erase that!”Corbin said that President Bharrat Jagdeo is yet to release the video tapes he claimed he had of the criminal masterminds and politicians and, “He (Jagdeo) and Ramotar should either put up or shut up”He reminded that as the spate of criminality rocked the nation, the PPP/C demonstrated that “Police Commissioner Winston Felix who was prepared to get to the root of crime through the joint military operation ‘Centipede’ launched in March 2006 was expendable, even as Khan was not. Roger Khan had the backing and support of an army of ex-military men and criminals and that of Government officials.”He spoke also of the many military-style manoeuvres and killings from 2002 until Roger Khan’s incarceration in June 2006.“Between 2002 and 2006 many citizens including businessmen, journalists and a government minister, were executed,Wholesale Jerseys, robbed, kidnapped and faced brutal crimes…None was spared as this nation was led astray by the PPP/C brand of justice which conveniently saw all “criminals” dead and the PPP/C gloating victory over crime, even as they strategically placed and orchestrated it, blaming the PNCR and Africans for attacking Indians and seeking power through the back door.”Corbin said that President Jagdeo, “personally reinforced these messages from their hallowed Babu John site.”He said too that in March 2006, the 2005 US Department of State’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report announced that “Drug traffickers appear to be gaining a significant foothold in Guyana’s timber industry” and pointedly accused the Guyana Forestry Commission of granting a State Forest Exploratory Permit for a large tract of land in Guyana’s interior to Aurelius Incorporated, a company controlled by known drug trafficker Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan.”The Opposition Leader said the death of Minister Satyadeo “Sash” Sawh followed one month after, and despite the gravity of the situation, the PPP/C used the occasion for political mileage against the opposition, particularly the PNCR.“Today, even as the Sawh family seeks justice,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, we are vindicated, as the brother-in-law of Minister “Sash” Sawh disbelieves the Government story and seeks answers from Roger Khan who, from all that was revealed in the US courts,David Njoku Jersey, was building his criminal regime and political connections to the extent where he was able to have equipment sold only to Governments purchased with the aid of the Jagdeo regime.”Corbin said that Guyanese must be reminded that prior to the knowledge of Roger Khan,  then PNCR Leader Hugh Desmond Hoyte  called repeatedly on the administration for an investigation into the February 2002 jailbreak and the Buxton siege.“The Government has failed to honour these requests but did not fail to place the village of Buxton on military lockdown even as they ignored the true effects of narco-criminality exploding in this nation’s face…To date the Hoyte/Jagdeo Agreement that would have the government address the concerns of depressed communities including Buxton is still,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, years later, not honoured.”Corbin said that now is a time for serious introspection and serious revisiting of the historical, current and future challenges facing the descendants of those who were enslaved.“It is time to revisit the moulding of a nation and the common destiny which is ours to protect and embarked on by a PNC since 1966.”********************Guard caught on camera remandedA security guard who was assigned by his employer to ensure that all was intact at the Gizmos and Gadgets Superstore, is now before the court after being accused of doing the exact opposite.Carlos Farrell was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge of simple larceny when he appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton.The allegation is that on Saturday last,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Farrell was caught on surveillance cameras stealing from the showcase at the Gizmos and Gadgets Superstore the following items; 4 digital cameras, a memory card, and a DS game along with a cellphone battery, valued at a total of $301,442.The defendant was not required to plea since the matter was indictable and he was not represented by a lawyer.Farrell is scheduled to return to court on September 30.