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As questions continue over the capacity of some private developers marketing gated housing communitiesCEO, Danny Sawhacross the country, in keeping with some ambitious promises, at least one of them has been making strides.Navigant Builders, developers of Windsor Estates, a community that will boast 152 homes when finished, in the Republic Park vicinity, say it is making significant progress.Many remember Windsor Estates from the first Caribbean Premier League (CPL) where the Guyana Amazon Warriors sported the brand on their playing jerseys, but according to CEO, Danny Sawh, he has no plans for his brand to just be remembered through cricket.Last week, Sawh took Kaieteur News on a tour of the community, the first phase which he expects to be completed by the end of this year.According to the developer,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 55 homes have already been completed, with close to 35 families already occupying residences within the development. He explained that by June of this year he expects as many as 110 houses will be finished.During the walkthrough, Sawh also gave a glimpse of the sophisticated Infrared Security System that mounts the 7-foot fence surrounding the compound.He explained that since the installation of the infrared system, there has yet to be a break-in. “The community fell victim to three burglaries prior to installing the infrared system.  Security for the residents has always been a top priority in our original concept and planning of Windsor Estates. With the infrared system, it effectively adds an additional five feet to the top of our fence by alerting our internal security team to the exact location where the intrusion took place.” He explained that this allowed the development’s armed security personnel to be dispatched to that location.The three intrusions Sawh mentioned happened earlier last year, leaving more than 20 home owners that were living in the development at the time,Cheap Jerseys, quite concerned about security.Wide-angled views of two sections of the gated community.However, Sawh claimed in his defence, electrical infrastructure work was still being done at the time and with no permanent power source at the time for the security systems.“Also cameras that will be covering almost all areas on the inside of the compound and the entire perimeter were not installed at the time. We just recently started the building of a separate fibre optic network that will function as a secure communication network for these cameras due to the large distances that they will need to communicate back to our security booth, where they will be monitored and recorded 24/7 by our security personnel. I can say with confidence that when all our security features are installed, consisting of multi-level security systems, we will have one of the most secure compounds in the country,” Sawh said.“Yes, we have had some delays, but working in Guyana has not been easy… but we have weathered it. and we are going complete over 110 homes by June of this year.”The developer admitted that at first there was skepticism about his company delivering everything that was promised.“However, now that we are nearing completion on this phase, I’m sure you can see for yourself that we are well on our way to deliver on all of our promises. Despite the numerous challenges working in Guyana, especially trying to deliver a project of this size and complexity, when fully completed later this year, this development will look exactly like what’s depicted on our website. That’s something we are all proud about at Navigant Builders/Windsor Estates.”Navigant also insists that it stands firmly behind its offering a full money-back guarantee to any customers who are not pleased.“We also offer a warranty on all of our homes. This means that we will take full responsibility and remedy your home if it’s sinking or has structural cracks.”He noted that there will be hairline or plaster cracks that will develop overtime. Windsor Estates has a policy in place to fix any hairline plaster cracks up to six months after a homeowner has taken possession.“We design and build all our homes to U.S standards with all our roof,China Jerseys Cheap, floor and wall framing at a maximum distance at over 14 inches apart. This is rare for homes built locally.”Sawh, asked to describe some of the challenges he faced working in Guyana, joked by responding: “How much time do we have?”“But on a more serious note, however, material shortages, workforce reliability,Cheap Jerseys, weather, and shipping delays, were all major factors which hindered our ability to complete some of the earlier homes on time.”The first year, 2013, it rained throughout the seasons, with Navigant managing only 20 percent of the year’s usual production because the dry season that year was practically non-existent, which is normally when we make up for time lost in the rainy season. After the rain died down, the country faced a stone shortage for almost an entire year, which caused massive delays in our construction because we couldn’t get concrete from the ready mix suppliers.”Workforce reliability was also one of our biggest challenges. We originally scheduled this project on a 5½ day work week , but as we’ve learned, it’s been a struggle to get that from most of the workers,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, with the exception of a dedicated few”. On rare occasions, we were lucky to get three full days of production. I would admit however that this was a miscalculation on our part, since we didn’t fully understand the local work culture during the design and concept and scheduling stages.We were used to working six full days a week in the U.S, where this project was designed and planned. Over time, however, we were able to develop a more reliable workforce.In the earlier stages, we also experienced a lot of shipping and customs delays. We ship anywhere from 3 to 7 containers of housing materials monthly. There was a significant amount of logistical issues and delays involved with shipping so much materials from the US.On this note, I must add here that we have originally promised to utilize all U.S imported building materials, and we never wavered from that promise, despite some of the earlier challenges.Sawh also admitted to quality issues with some of the earlier homes which left a few of the early occupants unhappy. However, he explained that “this was due to some of the earlier growing pains, like trying to find appropriate and experienced workforce to handle such a large volume of construction and also the fact that most of the local workers were not quite familiar with working with all the overseas construction materials. We have since trained our main workforce and have also hired an independent Quality consultant who conducts his own inspections during construction and signs off on all finished homes. This consultant reports directly to myself.Other than minor items, most of the quality issues have been resolved.In terms of managing this project, we have teams in Guyana and our NY offices that oversee all day to day operations.”We asked him about the effect of the economy on his business. He claims “Sales have definitely taken a hit recently, but we do have a constant flow of customer interest based on inquiries both from the overseas and local market.However,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, since our development is at the stage where buyers can see our vision materializing, we still get a significant amount of interests in our homes and vacant land both locally and abroad. We are also confident that the quality and value of our product will speak for itself.”After our tour, we asked where he thought the project was in terms of timeline.“Already, roads, water, streetlights, and fibre-optic cables with high speed internet and HDTV capabilities are in place. With North Haven, the first phase (30 acres) almost nearing completion, where we are currently focusing on the finishing touches like interior and exterior landscaping, constructing the main entrance/gate and getting ready to start the recreation park.When completed the recreation park that all residents will have access to will consist of a pool, and a club house with a game room, movie room, kids video game room and roof top bar. As far as infrastructure, several of the roads have been completed up to asphalt and sidewalks, and the majority of the remaining roads are prepped for paving. We’ve held off on placing asphalt on all the some of the roads because our heavy machinery still needs access to certain areas of the development.”Sawh asserted that although Navigant’s homes have been running above normal market prices, costing from $24M and going up to $60M, they are being snapped up by retirees, executives and a number of remigrants who prefer not to be saddled with the headache of construction and want the peace of mind of living in a secure community. He claimed, however, that for the overall value they give to their buyers, they are still quite competitive.Despite offering a number of amenities and services, and their homes are sold as semi-furnished with all US imported (fridge, stove, light/bathroom fixtures, flooring, etc.) they are still able to remain competitive in their pricing.More than 90 percent of all properties in North Haven have been bought and Sawh’s construction company, Navigant Builders, is already laying the foundations for the second phase – a number of high-end homes for the more wealthy, that will feature a sewer system versus septic tanks, 20-foot roads, covered drains, sidewalks on both sides of the road and possibly underground electric cables. Homes in this area will be on larger ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 sf. and will be placed on larger lots than North Haven or even double lots.Sawh said that Windsor Estates was very deliberate in its decisions. While demands for Navigant homes have been overwhelming for the past they years, they intentionally sold a few vacant lots in a designated area to allow for the owners to do their own construction, to alleviate their workload.“But we insist that they submit a plan to us for approval to ensure it is in keeping with our standards and overall vision.