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EDINBURGH, BERBICE – Rooplall Boodhoo is the main suspect in the murder of her daughter, 31-year old Lilowtee Seeram called ‘Pinky’. He scarred Lata Inderdeo for life and is now on the run – incredibly she wishes him no harm, does not hate him but wants only justice.Lata Inderdeo On Saturday, 52-year old Lata Inderdeo related the harrowing tale of what transpired that fateful March 27th morning when her daughter’s life ended and she experienced a close call. She said she is haunted by the memories and can still hear the chopping sounds.The drama began to unfold about 01:30 hours when the suspect returned to his Lot 1068 Glasgow New Housing Scheme home. The woman, who resided with the couple, said she was asleep when she heard Rooplall Boodhoo,China Stitched NFL Jerseys, also known as ‘Kellie’ and ‘Li’l Boy’ banging on the door. Her daughter opened the door and the couple began laughing and talking, “Me say they alright and me drop back to sleep. Then I hear them fighting in the room, she keep saying he kicking she. Me daughter run out the room and run down the inside steps and I hear when he pelt she with he boots and I come out of me room then.”The woman tried talking to the couple but the man was adamant and continued to unleash his anger,Cheap NFL Jerseys, “While I talking to he, me daughter come upstairs and go in the room. He run in behind she and they continue to quarrel.”The fracas apparently stemmed from a promise the dead woman’s brother who lives in New York had made to send a barrel and some US currency for his mother and sister for the Easter holiday. “He telling she if she think she brother is a millionaire. But I don’t know why he mekking trouble about the barrel and money and deh cussing up she brother, which is me son. He tell she he get a mind beat she and she mother in this house, is he own the house.”The man was so angry and he slammed the television set in the couple’s room down on the floor, “I tell he pick it up,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, nah do dat and he tek it and turn it upside down. Then he go under the bed and scramble the cutlass”That was when Lilowtee Seeram ran for cover between the head of the bed and wall, “He climb on the bed and he chop she on she head. She holler, ‘Ow Mummy me dead!’ When he go to chop she on she head again, me try to tek the cutlass from he and he broadside me on me head. I turn around and run to the front door.”The man left his reputed wife and ran behind her mother. He caught up with her at the front door and chopped her on the right hand, “When he chop me, me use me left hand fuh block and that get chop too. When he chop me by the front door he run back to me daughter and continue to chop she more.”Lata Inderdeo could not get the door open as fast as she wanted so she heard each chop he dealt her daughter. “If you hear how he broad siding she with the cutlass. When he chopping she up I hearing it. It sound like if you chopping up beef. I ain’t hearing she holler or groan. I ain’t hearing no sound from me daughter. The only time she holler was when she holler, ‘Ow Mummy me dead!’ That is the only thing she say, the last thing she say.”Finally she got the door opened and ran down the stairs but again she was delayed because she could not release the chain on the gate, “He catch up with me at the gate. If you see me hand, how the flesh ah hang out and the blood ah gush out. I begging he don’t chop me no more. Then he say alright I must look after he children because he gun kill heself. Me open the gate and he walk out and go to the east with the cutlass in he hand. I go to the west to me friend.”She made her way through the bush to her neighbour’s backyard and they called for a taxi, “I tell them go collect me daughter and they carry both of us to the hospital. All the way I ain’t hear me daughter groan or talk, she was in the back seat and I in the front seat.”When they arrived at the New Amsterdam Hospital she pondered the fact that the doctor focused his attention on her and not on her daughter who had sustained more injuries than she did.“Me didn’t know she dead. She deh pun one trolley and me on the other. When I look over she ain’t moving or anything so I say she unconscious and I see the one chop in she head and I look away. When I look back me ain’t see me daughter and I ask the doctor fuh she but he ain’t answer. But me deh praying all the time, me calling pun Jesus. Me pressure did high.”olice reports had indicated that Lilowtee Seeram died while receiving treatment at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Four days later, Lata Inderdeo was informed that her only daughter had died.Lata Inderdeo was discharged from the New Amsterdam Hospital on March 30th and her daughter was buried on April 1st. She was chopped on the palm of her left hand and this carried 20 sutures both inside and out, the right hand was also chopped and carried 30 sutures and sustained a fracture.When asked if she wanted the man dead, the woman paused a few seconds, slowly rubbed her swollen right arm and softly said, “Me nah want to see he dead. Me must vex with he, that was me only daughter but me know me have to forgive him. Me want justice, the Lord gun bring justice, let the Lord have his way. Me nah hate he, you can’t hate people.”She sleeps a little better at nights now but is scared he would find her and finish what he started, “If he murder he own wife, me ain’t know what more he can do. He done murder. I want the police to find him because he can murder somebody else.”The cast comes off later this week then she would commence therapy sometime later.When the incident occurred, the couple’s two children were spending the night at the home of their grandfather,Cheap Jerseys From China, 52-year old Ramnarine Seeram of Lot 122 Edinburgh Housing Scheme.On Saturday, the dead woman’s father also begged for justice. He said it has been weeks and his daughter’s killer is yet to be caught,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “I feel really hurt about what he did to my daughter. I’m receiving death threats that he gun come and kill me. I loved the suspect as if he was my own child. I always tried to help him.”The couple’s two children – 13 year old Hirawattie ‘Narissa’ Boodhoo,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, a student of Berbice High School and ten-year old Narendra Boodhoo called Nicholas of Edinburgh Primary School now reside with Ramnarine Seeram, “The boy Nicholas always asking for his father. The girl is quiet. We don’t discuss the incident at all. They coping with it.”At this point the sluice attendant who is attached to the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s Providence location began shaking uncontrollably as he wept, “I want somebody to help me with them. Right now Nicholas doesn’t have a proper pair of shoes to go to school. Narissa needs money fuh passage fuh school. I need help.”He said that the suspect’s parents are now in Guyana and have been helping ever since their arrival but things got sour between the two families last Thursday, “The police pick up he (suspect’s) parents and like they believe is I tell the police something and they vex. But they get release now.”When Kaieteur News stepped across the road to the home of the suspect’s parents, the father was seen walking in the verandah yet still a woman insisted that he was asleep. The woman also said his wife does not want to speak to any media house.Last week, based on advice given by the Director for Public Prosecution, Rooplall Boodhoo was charged in his absence for the murder of his common-law wife.No charges have yet been laid for injuries sustained by Lata Inderdeo. An arrest warrant was issued for the suspect. On Friday, police received information that a lawyer would have taken him to the station but it never happened.

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